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60 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

Best Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas

60 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

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Roman numerals originated during the reign of the Roman Empire, making it an ancient form of numbering. Because of its distinctiveness, many people incorporate this style of numbering into their tattoos. The best part about numeral tattoos is that they can be very enigmatic to others, making you stand out because no one can make out the meaning of the tattoo that you wear. Like other tattoos, numeral tattoos can also be done in a variety of sizes and fonts to suit your needs.

They are commonly used to represent favourite individual numbers or indicate important dates to the person wearing the tattoo, such as wedding dates and birth dates.

What does a Roman Numerals Tattoo Signify?

You might have seen roman numerals tattoos but failed to understand what they meant or represent. That is the allure of Roman numeral tattoos; they pique your interest and elicit a sense of mystery.

One of the most widely recognized meanings associated with Roman numerals tattoo is a mystery. If you prefer to keep the meanings of your tattoos hidden, this is the tattoo for you.

People who come across your tattoo will find it difficult to understand your Roman numerals tattoo meaning because not everyone knows what specific roman numerals indicate. As a result, the other person is intrigued, which adds to your mysterious qualities.

Also, it signifies a person’s nature – demonstrating how you prefer to keep things private. It indicates that a person is more closed, particularly when it comes to sharing things with others.

Another significant meaning associated with Roman numeral tattoos is righteousness and significance. When you get an important date tattooed in Roman numerals, it emphasizes the significance of the event that occurred on that day.

Well, before getting a Roman numeral tattoo, make sure you understand the meaning behind it and what it really represents.

Roman numerals tattoo is a popular roman letter tattoo design. Check out the list of top Roman numeral tattoo ideas, including the Roman numeral birthdate tattoo ideas,etc.

Top Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas

Here are the different roman numerals tattoo ideas for you to get some inspiration from. Take a look…

1. Roman Numeral Date Tattoo

60 Best Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

Roman Numeral Date Tattoos are the most common types of Roman Numeral Tattoos. However, regardless of how common they are, they still make for an excellent tattoo choice. There are many special dates in a person’s life; if you also have one, get it etched in roman.

Birth dates, wedding dates, a favorite number, anniversaries, the death date of a loved one, the date that your favorite pet died, or even a jersey number of your favorite player are all examples of dates that can be used for this tattoo. These numerals will serve as a constant reminder of what is most important to you in terms of memories, birthdates, and other vital events in your life.

2. 3D Roman Numerals Tattoo

3D Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas

3D tattoos are now widespread, so consider getting your Roman Numerals in 3D if you want to stay current. You can have this tattoo design engraved on any part of your body, but it’s best to have it in a prominent location. Since it’s a cool tattoo design, you should be able to show it off whenever you want. That’s why you should get it inked on a visible location, such as the forearm or wrist.

3. Roman Numerals Rose Tattoo

Roman Numerals Rose Tattoo

Although most people prefer the numeral tattoos standing alone because they look amazingly cool, if you want, you can combine Roman numeral tattoos with other elements such as rose, floral prints, etc.

Roman numerals rose tattoos look amazingly stunning. You can get this tattoo engraved on your arm or back. Adding a rose to your typical roman numerals tattoo will give it a perfect feminine touch. 

4. Shoulder Roman Numerals Tattoo

Shoulder Roman Numerals Tattoo

The natural lines of the shoulder make this placement a great choice for any number of styles and approaches. making roman numeral shoulder tattoos a great option for just about anyone.

5. Roman Numerals Clock Tattoo

Roman Numerals Clock Tattoo Design

If you don’t want to have a specific date or number tattooed on you, you can have your numeral tattoo as a Roman clock. Instead of having plain numerals tattooed, the roman clock will jazz up your tattoo design.

6. Roman Numerals Infinity Tattoo

Beautiful Roman Numerals Infinity Tattoo

This is yet another beautiful roman letters tattoo design. You can get your favorite dates, such as birthdate or wedding date or any other date etched in an infinity shape. It is one of those tattoo designs that draw people’s attention instantly. You can get this gorgeous tattoo inked on your forearm, ankle, neck, or shoulder.

7. Roman Numeral Necklace Tattoo

Superb Roman Numeral Necklace Tattoo

Necklaces are the most popular ornaments among women. What’s it like to wear a necklace all the time? Yes, a Roman numeral necklace tattoo eliminates the need for a neck jewel. A perfect way to save money on neckpieces – just kidding! But one thing is sure: you will not need to purchase another necklace to cover up your Roman numeral necklace tattoo.

8. Roman Numerals Tattoo Chest

Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo

Regardless of the design, chest tattoos look fantastic. And Roman numerals are ideal for chest tattoo designs. These tattoos are the most seductive pieces of body art. Furthermore, if you have some restrictions at work, your chest is ideal for a tattoo.

You can have anything etched on your chest, from your favorite date to your favorite player’s jersey number. Also, the size will not be an issue because your chest will give your artist more room to create a large piece.

9. Small Roman Numerals Tattoo

Small Roman Numerals Tattoo on Hand

Small tattoos are cute and make it easy for the wearer to conceal them when necessary. A Roman numeral tattoo in a small size will be an eye-catching tattoo design. Although small Roman numerals tattoos are free-standing, if desired, other elements can be added. The ideal location for your small roman letters tattoo is your wrist, finger, near the ear, and so on.

10. Roman Numeral Finger Tattoo

Roman Numeral Finger Tattoo

If you want an out-of-the-box placement for your Roman numerals tattoo, it’s your finger. Roman numerals finger tattoos are adorable and beautiful. Having a specific date engraved on your finger will have a significant impact, especially if it is related to someone important in your life. Try it out!

11. Roman Numeral Back Tattoo

Roman Numeral Back Tattoo Ideas

Your back is a perfect location for a large size tattoo design. If your numeral tattoo is larger in size, then your back is ideal for it. You have the freedom to choose the size and style of your choice for your Roman numeral back tattoo. However, a vertical layout will make for a tattoo design that stands out. You can be confident that the vertical layout of the Roman numeral tattoo will look unique and elegant! Give it a shot!

12. Roman Numeral Birthday Tattoo

Roman Numeral Birthday Tattoo

Your birthdate, the birthdate of a special person, and the birthdates of your children are all excellent choices for numerals tattoos. Having your loved one’s birthdate, particularly your wife’s, etched on your body will prevent you from forgetting it, avoiding all disputes and problems. But make sure you get it inked somewhere where you can see it, such as your arm or wrist.

13. Roman Tribunal Numeral Tattoo

Roman Tribunal Numeral Tattoo

As the name suggests, this tattoo is to pay tribute to someone who has recently passed away. Roman tribunal numeral tattoo is the perfect way to show the importance of someone in your life. This design will have a date in Roman numerals, along with a foot and handprint. You can get it inked in black and grey.

14. Roman Numeral Name Tattoo

Roman Numeral Name Tattoo Idea

You can definitely choose any name numeral that you would like to be tattooed on you, but make sure it’s significant to you. Also, consider where you want to have the tattoo placed, the design or layout, alongside other details.  Together with the other elements, this tattoo is quite symbolic and holds a lot of sentimental value.

15. Roman Date with Flower Tattoo

Roman Date with Flower Tattoo Designs

As previously stated, Roman numerals can be inked alongside other elements. Floral prints, on the other hand, are ideal for adding to a simple roman date. You can have your favorite date etched on your arm, ankle, or back, along with your favorite flower. It’s a lovely design to think about, especially if you love nature and want to show your support for it.

16. Roman Numeral Tattoo with Bird

Roman Numeral Tattoo Design with Bird Tattoo

Lastly, animals and birds can also be incorporated into Roman numeral tattoos other than flowers. Get any small size bird engraved along with your roman numerals tattoo. This is an excellent tattoo design for those who love animals and want to voice their support for them.

Roman Numerals Tattoo on ankle

Roman Numerals Tattoo ideas on ankle

Roman Numerals Tattoo Design on arm

Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas on arm

Roman Numerals Tattoo with rose on arm

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Beautiful Roman Numerals Tattoo on The Arm

How to Choose the Right Numeral Tattoo Design?

The trickiest part when you decide to get a tattoo is to choose the right design. The right design for you may not be the right design for someone else. That’s why your personal tattoo preferences must guide your decision. Below are the components that you should consider while choosing roman letters tattoo

Here we go…..

1 Choose a meaningful design.

Roman numerals are more than just attractive characters, so pick a design that means something special to you. Good designs for this type of tattoo include those that represent your birthday or the birthday of a loved one.

2 Size of the tattoo

Some tattoos look best when etched as large tattoos. More detailed tattoo designs are frequently inked in large sizes. But with numeral tattoo designs, you cannot go extravagant – as these tattoos look good in small size. So, before choosing a design for your Roman numeral tattoos, you should consider the size of the tattoo. This will ensure that the tattoo looks good on you.

3 Placement of the tattoo

Each tattoo design has a unique feature that makes it suitable for a particular part of the body. Consider the space allowance depending on the tattoo size while deciding on the placement of your tattoo. Choose a location that will not distort the tattoo, most likely due to too many natural skin wrinkles.

Some of the best areas to get your Roman numbers tattoo designs inked include your ankle, arm and leg. Some people even prefer to put them on their necks and shoulders. If your job requires a formal appearance, choose a less visible location or where you can easily conceal your tattoo. Allow every aspect of your life to play a role in determining the best location for the tattoo.

4 Number of Roman letters you want.

This is crucial as it will significantly impact your tattoo design and its placement. Remember, the more characters you have in your Roman numeral tattoo, the more space the tattoo will take. This is an important consideration because some tattoo designs only allow for a few characters. When tattooing an important date, such as a birthdate, see if all the characters can be accommodated without affecting the tattoo design.

5 Think, think, and think

The most common mistake that people make when getting tattooed is not giving their tattoo designs a thought. No matter how good you believe the design is, you should give it some thought and analysis. Remember, a tattoo is a lifetime thing, so if you change your mind about the design after you’ve got it, there’s not much you can do about it. Hence, it is advised to think about your tattoo design before you step into the tattoo studio.

6 Take expert advice

If you are unable to choose the right design for yourself, it is best to seek professional advice before deciding on one. Tattoo artists, without a doubt, have more experience and are more familiar with various designs. They can help you with the design that is best suited to your style and skin tone. You could also consider taking help from your friend who is artistic and passionate about art.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Idea on back

Rose with Roman Numerals Back Tattoo Ideas

Roman Numerals Tattoo on back

Roman Numerals Tattoo ideas on chest

Meaningful Roman Numerals Tattoo on chest

Roman Numerals Tattoo Idea on chest

Roman Numerals Chest tattoo ideas

Roman Numerals Tattoo idea on all finger

Roman Numeral Tattoo on finger

Roman Numerals Finger Tattoo Ideas

Roman Numerals Tattoo on foot

Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas on Foot

Roman Numerals Tattoo Design on foot

Roman Numerals Tattoo with flower on foot

Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas on Shoulder

Roman Numerals with flower Tattoo ideas on Shoulder

Best Roman Numerals Tattoo on Shoulder

Sweet and Simple Roman Numerals Tattoo on Shoulder

Roman Numeral Name Tattoo on The Shoulder

Beautiful Roman Numerals Tattoo on Shoulder

Roman Numerals Tattoo idea on wrist

lovely Roman Numerals Tattoo ideas on wrist

Rose with Roman Numerals Tattoo on wrist

Roman Numerals Tattoo on wrist

Roundly Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas on the wrist

Best Roman Numerals Tattoo on behind the ear

Roman Numerals Tattoo on behind the ear

Beautiful Rose with Roman Numerals Tattoo on the forearm

Roman Numerals Tattoo on forearm

Roman Numerals Tattoo Idea on The Forearm

Best Roman Numerals Tattoo idea on forearm

Beautiful Roman Numerals Tattoo on forearm

Different Font Styles for Roman Numerals Tattoo Designs

The best thing about Roman numerals tattoo designs is that you can use any font you want. There are plenty of fonts available for representing these numerals. However, we have compiled a list of the top five fonts for you to consider. Take a look…

  1. Serif: The numerals in this font are written with small strokes. This font is ideal for those who want to avoid thick outlines or despise overly detailed tattoos.
  2. Handwriting: This is a running style that resembles human handwriting. The numerals in this tattoo will appear as if the artist drew them in his own handwriting. This font style is an excellent choice if you want to have a tattoo that looks natural and coherent.
  3. Calligraphy: Artists frequently use calligraphy to enhance the visual appeal of their work. However, this font is ideal for those who want a large Roman numeral tattoo on their chest or back. The numbers in this font are stylish, bold, and classic, and they are clearly recognizable if inked among other tattoos.
  4. Pointillistic: It is one of the most exciting font styles for Roman numerals tattoo designs. If you’re looking for a neat and bold font for your numerals tattoo, then Pointillistic is for you. It closely resembles block lettering, which is why most people prefer it for numeral tattoos.
  5. Classic: The most sophisticated of all is this font. The majority of people prefer this font because it results in elegant and tidy Roman numeral tattoos. It is an ideal choice if you want to place your tattoo on areas such as the arm, wrist, or ankle.


Undeniably, Roman numerals tattoo looks awesome. But make you get it for the right purposes, not just to fit in or because it’s the latest craze. A tattoo makes more sense when it is done for the right purposes and with sufficient thought.

Keep in mind that your tattoo is a permanent part of your body. It’s not easy to get rid of once you’ve done it. That is why it is critical to get a tattoo that you will be able to live with for the rest of your life without any problems.

Happy Tattooing….  

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