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Symmetry Tattoos: Killer Symmetry Tattoo Design Ideas

Symmetry Tattoos Killer Symmetry Tattoo Design Ideas

Symmetry Tattoos: Killer Symmetry Tattoo Design Ideas

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A tattoo speaks out your heart aloud. After acquainting you with the upcoming trends of face tattoos & floral tattoos, Let us introduce a new form of tattoo which is luring the tattoo lovers these days. This new tattoo art is a major mix of traditional tattoos & geometric designs. No clue what are we talking about? Well, we are talking about SYMMETRIC TATTOOS. Yes, symmetric tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity in a big way all over the world. But are you aware how the symmetric tattoos take shape on the particular part of the body? Hold on!! Let us explain you in detail everything about symmetric tattoos.

The synonym of symmetry is BALANCE. Just as the name suggest, symmetric tattoos refers to the tattoos which balances a particular form of art or a design equally whether it be on two different body parts (two forearms, legs or thighs) or dividing the design into two parts on the same body area (upper-back, lower-back, or shoulders etc) and replicating the design on both the sides. And the look these matching tattoos create is simply aesthetic & fascinating. The unique feature of a symmetric tattoo is the indispensability of one part of design to complete the picture. This firmly depicts the partnership, trust, love and friendship. People who believe in balance, commitment and togetherness are likely to go for symmetric tattoos.

How do the Symmetrical Tattoos look like?

Symmetrical tattoo designs are the splendid combination of geometric lines, dots and other formative images. They are generally inked in black & grey. Though colors can be used but are rarely preferred. The main reason for making the design solid & bold is to showcase each individual part of the tattoo thoroughly even if both the parts of tattoo completing the design are not together.

What are the best Placement areas for the Symmetrical Tattoo?

The best body parts to showcase these symmetric tattoos are: CHEST, UPPER-BACK, LOWER-BACK, FOREARMS, HANDS, CALVES.

Shall we now move ahead with captivating symmetric ideas?

Matching tattoo

Matching Tattoo

The Matching tattoo can have a choice of specific objects, animals or designs whose combination gives a complete meaning to design or the relationship and goes well with both personalities.

Animal tattoos

Animal Tattoo

Animal tattoos are very popular amongst the symmetric tattoo category since it is very easy to show two shades of the personality in one design. The tranquil & fierce character of your personality can be depicted easily by the tiger tattoo. Along with, two different animals too can be inked to represent color of your personality.

Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo

The word mandala has been derived from Sanskrit language (Hindu culture) which means circle, completeness and wholeness. Famously known as a circle with a centre, it has a deep cultural & spiritual importance which represents universe. Though when considered from art point of view its gives a stupendous artistic view.

Dot Tattoo

Dot Tattoo

This unique symmetric tattoo deals with subtle yet elegant taste of tattoo designs.
Various other eye-catching Symmetric tattoo designs are: Tribal tattoos, Honeycomb tattoos, howling wolf tattoo, Rose tattoo, Stars tattoo, Geometrical wrist band tattoo, multiple triangles tattoo, Bear Tattoo, Fox tattoo, Owl tattoo etc.

All you need to take care off is to choose a brilliant Tattoo artist since symmetric tattoos deals with lot of precisions of lines, dots, shapes & measurements to bring the design to its complete aura.

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