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Why Do Tattoos Get Blurry Over Time?

Why Do Tattoos Get Blurry

Why Do Tattoos Get Blurry Over Time?

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One of the major concerns that all tattoo wearers have is – why do tattoos get blurry over time. Yes, unfortunately, tattoos get blurry or faded over time. If you have recently got your tattoo, then it’s imperative for you to know that they get blurry.

There are many reasons tattoos get blurry over time. Some of them are controllable, and others are not. And in this post, we shall discuss all those reasons along with the preventive measure to minimize the chances.

Let’s dive into the details…..

No matter how hard you want to claim this wrong, tattoo fading is inevitable, but it is fixable. Of course, nobody likes faded tattoos, but they fade! Here are the main reasons tattoos get blurry over time:

  • Sun Damage
  • Skin Ageing
  • Skin Stretching
  • Tattoo Placement
  • Poor Skincare
  • Quality of Tattoo Ink & Tattoo Equipment
  • Tattoo Colors
  • Tattoo Design
  • Poor Tattoo Aftercare

⇒ Sun Damage

Sun is one of the major causes of tattoos getting blurry. The UV rays are harmful to the skin. They cause our skin to tan. And tanning causes damage to the skin because of which tattoos fade faster.

That is why tattooists urge you to avoid Sun until your newly etched tattoo fully heals. Also, it is vital to apply an excellent or tattoo-specific sunscreen lotion to protect your skin.

⇒ Skin Ageing

We all know that our skin ages as we age. Skin aging is another reason that our tattoos get blurry over time. As we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity and become saggy or wrinkled. This loss of elasticity causes the tattoo to become stretched; thus, it looks blurry—even the loss of collagen causes tattoos to shrink and blur.

Skin Ageing

Anything that causes the skin to stretch increases the likelihood of tattoo fading. Weight gain and pregnancy are the two most common reasons for skin stretching.

⇒ Skin Stretching

Our skin keeps growing and changing in order to accommodate our body all our life. If we gain weight, our skin will change to accommodate that. A tattoo on an area that changed will stretch with the skin. Weight gain due to unhealthy eating isn’t the only way a tattoo can be damaged by skin stretching.

The stretching of the skin can also occur if your muscle mass significantly increases in a particular area. For example, if you have a tattoo on your thigh and you start doing squats to grow your quads, the tattoo will stretch with the skin as your muscle grows.

⇒ Tattoo Placement

Where you have got your tattoo placed will also cause your tattoo to fade over time. Tattoos etched on parts that are easily exposed to sunlight are highly likely to get blurry. Tattoos on palms, ankles, shoulder blades, fingers, etc., tend to fade faster than the ones inked on other body parts.

⇒ Tattoo Colors

How quickly your tattoo will fade also depends on the pigments used. Deep colors, such as black, blue, red, and brown, are said to have prolonged life than the tattoos made in lighter hues, like yellow and orange. Deep colors tend to maintain their saturation, while the pale colors fade faster.

That is why it is recommended to choose your tattoo colors wisely. Undeniably, colored tattoos look charmer, but they tend to lose their charm faster than black-colored tattoos.

⇒ Quality of Tattoo Ink & Tattoo Equipment

You will be surprised to know that the ink and metal quality your artist uses has a lot to do with color fading.

Inks that contain high-quality pigments and lesser chemicals prolong the tattoos’ life. At the same time, the chemical-based inks with low-quality pigments tend to get blurry faster. Even the tattooist should use high-quality tattoo equipment to ensure the prolonged life of the tattoo.

girl Shoulder tattoo designs

That is why going to reputable tattoo artists is emphasized more. Going to a random tattoo artist to save some dollars is no cool idea. Doing so can save you a few dollars, but it will cost you more in the long term.

⇒ Poor Skincare

Skin Care is important, but it is essential to use the right skincare products. Using products that contain harsh chemicals can impact your tattoo negatively. Even if you tend to scrub your tattoo often, it will cause your tattoo to get blurry over time.

⇒ Tattoo Designs

Some tattoo designs stay as they are for a prolonged period. However, other designs that are closely placed together, such as intricate tattoos, are highly likely to blur over time. As the skin ages or stretches due to weight gain, weight loss, or muscle gain, it affects your tattoos’ appearance.

⇒ Poor Tattoo Aftercare

Every tattoo artist gives aftercare instructions to his clients. It is important to follow those instructions religiously until your tattoo is fully healed. Not following aftercare instructions during the healing process can have adverse effects on your tattoo. It can affect the quality and appearance of your tattoo in the long term.


Yes, the good news is – a blurry tattoo can be fixed! You can either get a cover-up tattoo or get the linework done again with high-quality ink. Remember that all tattoos fade with time, but they do not vanish completely. Re-tattooing can make your faded tattoo look vibrant and beautiful again. And covering up will let you have a new tattoo design altogether.


All tattoos change and fade over time, especially if you get these tattoos at a young age. Taking preventative measures before and after you get your tattoo can help you have a fade-resistant tattoo for a prolonged period. It’s always good to take good care of your tattooed skin.

Here are some tips to be followed:

1. Follow your artist’s instructions

You must follow the advice and instructions of your tattoo artist. If you really want to have a fade-resistant tattoo for a longer period. Don’t resist following the instructions given by him. Not only will it help to heal the tattoo faster, but it also avoids bacterial infection.

2. Do not wipe your newly etched tattoo

If you have recently got your tattoo, do not wipe it even after a bath. Wiping your newly etched tattoo with a towel can cause damage; it will tear the treated skin. Also, itching is common to tattoos; especially when you bathe, you will feel itching but don’t scratch your tattoo. You can use a tissue or soft cloth to pat your tattoo or let it air dry.

3. Use only antibacterial soap

Be it a cover-up tattoo or a new tattoo; you have to take good care of it. Make sure you use only antibacterial soap. Your tattoo is no less than a wound, and antibacterial soaps help prevent bacteria from entering the wound. Regular soap may not be able to stop the bacterial infection that can lead to serious skin-related issues.

4. Keep your tattoos clean

It is imperative to keep your tattoo clean. Rinse your tattoo with lukewarm water or with prescribed products after removing the bandage.

5. Keep your tattoo moisturized

It is essential to keep your tattoo moisturized. But, make sure you do not over moisturize your newly etched tattoo. Whether you believe it or not, your tattooed skin also needs to breathe to heal properly.

6. Avoid exposure to excess water

Stay away from any water sport or swimming until your tattoo heals fully. No matter how tempted, you get to swim. It is essential to avoid exposure to excess water when your tattoo is fresh. Exposure to excess water may cause infection on the treated skin.

It is recommended to take only warm showers. It speeds up the healing procedure but makes sure you do not spend too much time in the shower. Ideally, 15 minutes is enough.

7. Avoid exposing your new tattoo to the sunlight

As said earlier, Sun is the major cause of tattoos getting blurry. It can cause incurable damage to your newly etched tattoo. So, it’s better to avoid exposing your tattoo to the Sun. Try to stay indoors until your tattoo heals completely, and if it seems difficult, cover your tattoo while going out. Avoid harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays as they hinder the process of tattoo healing.

8. Go for touch-ups

In case you see your newly etched tattoo losing ink, contact your tattoo artist immediately. Touch-up is necessary in such a case to retain the freshness of your tattoo. Otherwise, you can visit your tattoo artist in few months to enhance the colors and design in normal conditions. Regular touch-ups can help to maintain the quality of your tattoo.

9. Avoid scab formation

Do not pat dry your newly etched tattoo completely; keep it moist. Drying your tattoo completely can develop scabs, thereby hindering the healing process.

10. Use tattoo-friendly aftercare products

Use only tattoo-friendly sunscreen and skin care lotions that are recommended for tattooed skin. Using low-quality skincare products can harm your tattoo, which is not wise. If you really want to have a beautiful-looking tattoo for a prolonged period, then spend only on quality products.

11. Avoid using harsh or rough granule scrub

Using rough granule scrubs on the tattooed area can cause incurable damage to your tattoo. Also, do not use chemical-based skincare products on your tattooed skin. Use only the products that are recommended by your artist or are tattoo-friendly.

12. Avoid using razors on the tattooed area

Using blunt razors can cause your tattoo to lose its colors faster. Hence, it is recommended to avoid using razors or any blunt products on your tattooed skin.

13. Avoid too intricate tattoo designs

If you’re planning to get a new tattoo, then avoid getting too intricate a tattoo design. Intricate designs tend to look messy or blurry over time.

14. Go for deep color tattoo

As said earlier, deep-colored tattoos stay for a prolonged period than lighter-colored tattoos. If your tattoo design doesn’t require too much coloring, then go for a black or deep color tattoo.

15. Choose tattoo placement wisely

If you are considering a new tattoo that lasts long, choose its placement wisely. It is recommended to select the area that will not be exposed to the Sun for long.

16. Allow a newly etched tattoo to heal completely

Not taking good care of your fresh tattoo can damage your artwork. Hence, it is imperative to let your tattoo heal completely. Follow your tattooist’s instructions and protect it from outside elements.

17. Visit only a reputable tattoo artist

I can’t stress enough how important it is to visit a reputable and trustable tattoo artist. Do not get your tattoo from a random tattoo artist; it will cost you too much in the long term. Visit only a renowned and trustable tattoo artist who uses high-quality ink and equipment.

18. Don’t panic

Last but not least, don’t panic! Tattoo fading is inevitable; it will happen for sure. But you don’t need to panic seeing your tattoo getting blurry. There are ways – You can always get your tattoo redone or get a cover-up tattoo. Getting panic or losing hope won’t help you at all!!


Now you know why tattoos get blurry over time, take good care of your tattoo. If you’re considering a new artwork, I hope this post helps you have a fade-resistant tattoo. If your tattoo has already started getting blurry, remember that there are ways to get rid of your regrettable tattoo. You can always go for a cover-up tattoo or get it redone.

Also, don’t miss to take good care of your tattoo and give it a nice healing time. Because if you don’t let it heal completely, your tattoo may fade faster.

Happy Tattooing….. ☺ ☺

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