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70 Superb Shoulder Tattoo for Females

Shoulder Tattoo for Females

70 Superb Shoulder Tattoo for Females

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Shoulder tattoo look amazing and very scintillating. And if you are fond of wearing off-shoulder tattoos, then the shoulder is the best place to have your first Tattoo. There are myriads of shoulder tattoos for females, and trust all the designs look equally cool. That’s the reason most women prefer to have their tattoos on their shoulders.

Shoulder tattoos come in many different sizes, from small to large. There are also sundry styles to choose from; you can get anything from a vintage tattoo design to geometric figures on your shoulder. Some of the most popular feminine tattoos include flowers, butterflies, mandala, cherry blossoms, and roses.

You can even combine shoulder tattoos with sleeve tattoos, perfect for a large tattoo, especially when looking for a giant shoulder tattoo. There are myriads of ideas that you can incorporate, such as feathers, angels, quotes, dragons, roses, beach scenes, etc. There are many distinctive shoulder tattoos for females that look amazing, and you can show them off during your beach vacation.

Here we are sharing with you 70+ shoulder tattoos for females ideas; take a look…..

1. Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos on female shoulder

Flower tattoos look stunning on the shoulder. You can get a floral tattoo in any size, from small to large.

2. Intricate Mandala

Female Mandala tattoo designs on shoulder

Mandala tattoos look very beautiful, and the shoulder is a perfect location for a mandala tattoo. Amazing shoulder tattoo designs for females.

3. 3D Shoulder Tattoo

3D Shoulder Tattoo designs girl

3D tattoos look awesome on the shoulder. You can even extend it to your sleeve to make it more appealing!

4. Religious Symbol

om Symbol tattoo on female shoulder

Religious symbols also make for perfect shoulder tattoo designs. You can choose the one that you like the most of the one you belong to, to show your belongingness to a particular religion.

5. Minimalistic Tattoo

best female Minimalistic Tattoo on shoulder

Lastly, a minimalistic tattoo for women who want to have something sweet and cool sitting on their shoulders!

6. A Flying Bird

Flying Bird tattoo on female shoulder

Simple yet beautiful tattoo design for your shoulder.

7. Eagle Tattoo

female eagle tattoo on shoulder

Even an eagle makes for a wonderful tattoo design when it’s about a shoulder tattoo. This design will cover your shoulder, making it look more beautiful.

8. Black Rose

female Black rose tattoo on shoulder

How about having a black rose tattoo etched on your shoulder? It’s amazing!

9. Butterfly Tattoo

female butterfly tattoo on shoulder

If you’re looking for some colors on your shoulder, then a butterfly tattoo is apt!

10. Scintillating Dream Catcher

girl dream catcher tattoo designs on shoulder

Believe it or not, dream catchers look amazing on the shoulder. Make sure you get one in a big size.

11. Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor flower Tattoos on female shoulder

A watercolor tattoo design looks stunning on the shoulder. Try it out!

12. Colorful Flowers

Colorful Flowers tattoo on girl shoulder

How about having a bunch of colorful flowers on your shoulder? This will look awesome, and I can bet on it!! It makes for a bright, vibrant, and beautiful shoulder tattoo.

13. Black & White Tattoo

Black and White Shoulder Tattoo

Black and white tattoos look awesome against the shoulder; you can choose anything from a flower to a dragon.

14. Heart with Quote

female Heart with Quote tattoo ideas

A lovely heart with your favorite quote will make a perfect tattoo design.

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15. Love Tattoo

female love tattoo on soulder

Love tattoos are for the ones in love; if you’re one, then this design is for you!

16. Skeleton on Shoulder

Skeleton tattoo on Shoulder

If you want to show your fearless side, then a skeleton tattoo is the one to go with.

17. Koi Fish

Koi Fish shoulder female tattoo

If you are fond of sea life, then a koi fish is another beautiful tattoo design. It can be incorporated with other elements like a lotus.

18. Triangle Tattoo

Unique Triangle Tattoo designs on soulder

Geometric shapes, be it any, from a triangle to a square, looks great on shoulders.

19. Pink Roses

Pink rose Flower Tattoo On Shoulder

Get a bunch of pink roses etched on your shoulder.

20. Polynesian Design

female shoulder tattoo designs in 2021

Get something unique etched on your shoulder, and that’s a Polynesian tattoo design.

21. Unique FloralUnique Floral tattoo on shoulder

Get a unique floral design etched on your shoulder.

22. Chandelier Necklace

Chandelier Necklace tattoo

A beautiful chandelier necklace design will look both elegant and gorgeous!

23. Ying Yang Tattoo

women Ying Yang Tattoo on shoulder

Ying yang tattoo (two Fish swimming together in harmony) will look stunning on your shoulder. You are going to love this one!

24. Maori Tattoo

Maori Tattoo ink on shoulder

Maori tattoo designs look great no matter etched where, and the shoulder is a great place for a Maori tattoo.

25. Dog Paw

paw print tattoo women shoulder

If you have always loved your dog and want to dedicate body art to your pet, then a dog paw on the shoulder is a great tattoo design.

26. A Palm Tree

best female Palm Tree tattoo designs on shoulder

Palm tree tattoo not only look great on a beach, but they also make for awesome tattoo designs.

27. Travel Shoulder Tattoo

Best Travel Shoulder Tattoo ideas

Get all your favorite travel elements etched together on your shoulder to show your fondness for travel.

28. Chinese Tattoos

Chinese soulder Tattoo girl

A full sleeve detailed Chinese Tattoo will look great. You can get all your favorite elements incorporated into it.

29. Favorite Quote

Best Quote on shoulder

Many people love quote tattoos; if you also love quotes, then get a quote etched on your shoulder.

30. Tiny Tattoo

Female Tiny Tattoo desings on shoulder

Tiny tattoos look awesome; if you do not want to overdo them, then get a tiny tattoo inked on your shoulder. Now a days this is the best shoulder tattoo for females.

31. Dog Outline

boxer Dog Outline shoulder tattoo for girl

If your dog is important to you and you want to have a tattoo dedicated to it, get a dog outline tattoo.

32. Fish Tattoo

Shoulder Fish Tattoo designs

Get a single fish etched on your shoulder in black ink with perfect shading.

33. An Octopus

Octopus shouler tattoo

An octopus may not appear very beautiful in real, but an octopus tattoo looks great on the shoulder.

34. Wish Tree Tattoo

Wish Tree Tattoo on women shoulder

This will start from your back and go all the way to your shoulder. It looks beautiful if you have a curvy figure.

35. Creative Floral Design

Female Floral tattoo Design on shoulder

The creative floral design looks amazing, especially when it comes to a feminine design.

36. Cartoon Tattoo


Get your favorite cartoon etched on your body. A beautiful way to relive your childhood memories.

37. Turtle Tattoo

female shoulder Turtle Tattoo ideas

An unusual tattoo but very unique and detailed.

38. A Whale

Shoulder Whale tatoo women

A standard tattoo design that can be etched both on the front and back of the shoulder.

39. Skull and Flowers Tattoo

Women Shoulder Skull and Flowers Tattoo

An amazing design that combines a skull with some beautiful flowers. Perfect for the ones looking for a badass tattoo design!!

40. Tribal Tattoo


Another wonderful shoulder tattoo for females. This design looks amazing on the shoulder.

41. Purple Floral Tattoo

Girl shoulder Purple Floral Tattoo designs

You will love the beautiful colors in this tattoo design; the Purple floral Tattoo makes for an eye-catching tattoo design.

42. The Silhouette

female Silhouette shoulder tatoos

A beautiful geometric silhouette tattoo is really a fantastic way to flaunt your way.

43. Text

Text tattoo on shoulder

Get your favorite text etched on your shoulder. It looks awesome.

44. “Love Never Fails” with Flower

best shoulder tatttoo for women

Get “love never fails” with a flower inked on your shoulder.

45. Three Butterflies

Three Butterflies shoulder tattoo female

Get three butterflies etched in black on your shoulder. It will look great.

46. The Tulip

Tulip shoulder tattoos for girl

Nothing looks more beautiful than a tulip tattoo on the shoulder. Best shoulder tattoo for women.

47. Uncaged Bird

Uncaged Bird shoulder tattoo

A breathtaking tattoo design for those who love freedom, just like this bird!

48. Fox Tattoo

female Fox shoulder Tattoo designs

Get just the outline of the fox etched on your skin. It makes for a stunning tattoo design.

49. Red Flower

Women Red Flower tattoo on shoulder

Red flower sitting right on the top of your shoulder will look mesmerizing. An elegant and gorgeous shoulder tattoo for females.

50. Tribal Elephant

Elephant tattoo on shoulder

A tribal elephant design will look striking on the shoulder.

51. Skull with Flowers

Flowers tattoo

A skull surrounded by floral will make for a usual tattoo design.

52. Beautiful Dandelions

Female Beautiful Dandelions shoulder tattoo ideas

If you are looking for an extraordinary tattoo design, then go for beautiful dandelions. You can get them incorporated with flying birds to add additional elements and beauty to your Tattoo.

53. Large Floral Tattoo

Large Floral Tattoo

A large and gorgeous floral design filled with beautiful colors looks vibrant!

54. Rich Roses

Rich Roses tatoo on girl shoulder

The rich red roses tattoo makes for a beautiful design. You’ll love the beautiful colors in it!

55. A Sword

Female Sword shoulder tattoo designs

Looking for an edgy Tattoo, then a sword tattoo is apt for your shoulder.

56. Whimsical Tattoo

Whimsical Tattoo

Get your flowers etched along with some whimsical elements.

57. Cherry Blossom

Female Cherry Blossom Shoulder tattoo designs

The cherry blossom tattoo looks beautiful sitting on your shoulder.

58. Star Tattoo

Shoulder Star tattoo for women

If you do not want to have a giant tattoo, get a star tattoo etched on your skin.

59. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon shoulder tatoo

A bright and colorful tattoo for women, get a hot air balloon etched on your shoulder.

60. Ambigram

Ambigram shoulder tattoos

Ambigram tattoos look great on shoulders; you can try one!

61. Pair It

matching shoulder tattoo ideas

Get bows etched on the top of both your shoulders. A perfect pair tattoo.

62. The Japanese Samurai

Japanese Samurai will start at the shoulder and go all the way down on your sleeves. This Tattoo looks extraordinary, looks perfect in any size.

63. Abstract Color Tattoo

Abstract Color Tattoo Girl 63

If you love colors and are into too many colors, then an abstract color tattoo is perfect for you.

64. Mandala Flowers

Female Mandala Flowers Shoulder tattoo designs

Get mandala etched in a floral pattern on your shoulder. You can get this Tattoo in beautiful colors.

65. Landscape Tattoo

Landscape women shoulder Tattoo

The landscape tattoo design looks awesome on the shoulder. This tattoo starts from the shoulder and goes all the way to the chest and sleeves.

66. Constellation Tattoo Shoulder

Female Constellation Tattoo Shoulder

Constellation tattoo shoulder looks elegant and very pretty on the back of the shoulder.

67. Mother-Daughter Shoulder Tattoo

Mother Daughter Shoulder Tattoo

A beautiful way to show how much you love your daughter.

68. Symbol Tattoos

Symbol Shoulder Tattoo

Symbol tattoos look awesome; you can get your favorite symbol etched on your shoulder. They make for perfect tattoo designs.

69. Flower Trail

Women Flower Trail shoulder tattoo

A unique and very elegant tattoo design for females. This Tattoo starts from your shoulder and goes all the way to your sleeves. It looks sleek and sweet!

70. Circle Tattoo

Circle wave Tattoo on shoulder

An intricate tattoo design with lots of beautiful details.

Wrapping it up…..

So, these are the 70+ shoulder tattoo for females. You can select the one that suits your needs the best. All these tattoo designs are very popular among women.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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