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45 Wonderful Wolf Tattoo Designs

Best Wolf Tattoo Designs

45 Wonderful Wolf Tattoo Designs

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Wolf tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo designs among men. Wolves look like dogs, it is because they belong to the same family. A wolf tattoo simply represents untamed nature, strong associations with family, loyalty, and protection. However, the meaning of a wolf tattoo varies person to person. For instance, if you are very protective about your family, then a wolf tattoo is a symbol of protection for you. While some get a wolf tattoo to represent loyalty. Basically it depends on the characteristics that you feel are relatable with a wolf and accordingly you get a tattoo. In some cultures, wolves are considered protective guides, while others believe they are apex predators because of their wild nature. Whatever one believes, there is no doubt that wolf tattoo designs look perfect on men, they are a great way to reveal the wild side of a man.

Are wolf tattoos cool?

Undoubtedly, they are cool! In fact, they are the coolest tattoo designs. The best thing about wolf tattoos is that they can be etched anywhere and in any size. Whether you want a miniature wolf tattoo or a larger wolf tattoo, it is easy to get. Wolf tattoo designs can be etched in any size. However, how cool your design looks will significantly depend on your tattoo artist. Remember, most wolf tattoo designs are intricate, which is required to be done by an experienced tattoo artist. If you have already chosen the best tattoo artist who has already made such intricate tattoos, then you are through. Definitely going to the wrong tattoo artist will lead to dissatisfaction and regret. So, it is better you find out the right tattoo artist for your wolf tattoo.

1. Miniature Wolf Tattoo

Miniature Wolf Tattoo Designs on Finger

Miniature tattoos are for those who specifically do not want to overdo. You can wear a wolf face tattoo on your finger in black. It will look amazing there.

2. Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs on Men's Shoulder

Most tribal tattoos are actually symbols, and a wolf also makes for a perfect tribal tattoo or animal symbols. The bold, black inked tribal wolf tattoo looks unique. You can choose to get any wolf from howling to snarling on your body.

3. Wolf Sleeve Tattoo

Best Wolf Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Since wolf tattoos can be done in any size, sleeves are a perfect place for a medium or large sized wolf tattoo. Wolf sleeve tattoo looks stunning!

4. female wolf tattoos

Female wolf tattoo

A wolf tattoo is a symbol of loyalty and devotion to women. This is very creative and intricate tattoo design.

5. Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

Wolf tattoo Designs on men shoulder

Another place after sleeves is your shoulder that is apt for a wolf tattoo. Shoulder tattoos are very popular amongst celebrities and sports persons. You can also get a wolf etched on your shoulder. Wolf tattoo shoulder looks stunning.

6. Lone Wolf Tattoo

Best Wolf Tattoos designs 2021

The lone wolf tattoo meaning simply a wolf without a pack – independent and strong, if you also possess qualities like a lone wolf, then this tattoo is for you.

7. Lone Wolf With Compass Tattoo

Wolf With Compass Tattoos

A lone wolf can be etched alone or with other elements. The best element that can be incorporated with a lone wolf is a campus. It shows finding your way all by yourself.

8. Wolf Thigh Tattoo

Wolf tattoo designs on girl thigh

Your thighs give tattoo artists enough space to create a wonderful wolf tattoo design. Whether you choose to get the entire wolf or just the face of the wolf, you can get as big as you want on your thigh. Wolf thigh tattoos look stunning.

9. Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Best Geometric Wolf Tattoo Designs on arm

Geometric tattoo is a great way to display characteristics like, freedom, strength, protection, connectedness with the family, etc. As the name says, this tattoo will have lines and angles involved in the design.

10. Traditional Wolf Tattoo

Traditional Wolf Tattoo image

If you are looking for a classic wolf tattoo design with lots of hues, then a traditional wolf tattoo is for you. A perfect tattoo design for the untamed ones. You can also pair your traditional wolf tattoo with other elements like, daggers and flowers.

11. Wolf Neck Tattoo

Wolf Neck Tattoo

If you just want to pay a subtle tribute to the wolf side of your personality, then this wolf neck tattoo is apt! You can get a small sized wolf etched on the side of your neck. Neck tattoos look sexy!

12. Traditional Wolf Tattoo With A Dagger

Traditional Wolf Tattoo With A Dagger

If you are looking for a way to display your fierce side, then a traditional wolf tattoo with a dagger will do the needful. This black and red colored tattoo will make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

13. Traditional Wolf Tattoo With Flowers

Traditional Wolf Tattoo With Flower

Traditional tattoos look stunning when combined with flowers. You can choose any flower; however, red roses look wonderful with the wolf tattoo. This design can be etched on your sleeves or shoulders.

14. Howling Wolf Tattoo

Howling Wolf Tattoo ideas on girls back

Howling wolf tattoo designs are very popular amongst men. Howling wolves look amazing, etched on sleeves or shoulders. Just get the face of howling wolf and you are ready with a stunning tattoo design.

15. Minimalist Wolf Tattoo

small Wolf Tattoo designs on wrist

Minimalist tattoos are for those who do not want to overdo anything. If you are amongst them, then get a single line wolf tattoo etched on your arm. It makes for a simple yet elegant tattoo design.

16. Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Celtic Wolf Tattoo Designs

Celtic wolves simply represent protection, guidance and transformation. A Celtic wolf tattoo is a brilliant choice for people looking for a unique wolf tattoo design. This tattoo will have a wolf with the signature knots and twists of Celtic art.

17. Wolf With Raven Tattoo

Wolf With Raven Tattoo

Both Wolf and Raven tattoos signify wisdom and protection and are renowned for their ancient wisdom in Native American lore. This tattoo symbolizes the balance between the good and the bad. It makes for an eye-catching tattoo design.

18. Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

Watercolor Wolf Tattoo ideas

Watercolor tattoo techniques are widely popular now. Watercolor wolf tattoos will look like a painting on your skin. The beautiful colors in the tattoo will bring in both depth and dimension, thereby giving it a unique look.

19. Snarling Wolf Tattoo

Snarling Arm Wolf Tattoo Ideas

The snarling wolf represents free spiritedness, strength, and a connection to the wild. If you want to flaunt the wilder side of your personality, then this design is for you.

20. Wolf’s Paw Tattoo

Wolf's Paw Tattoo

The wolf’s paw print also makes for a wonderful tattoo design for men. The wolf’s paw simply represents moving forward or being guided along the right path. If you want some simple wolf tattoo design, then this is perfect for you.

21. Wolf With Moon Tattoo

Amazing Wolf With Moon Tattoo Designs

Wolf with moon is one of the most popular tattoo designs. It depicts a wolf howling in front of a full moon. It is said that wolves howl when the moon is full. Usually, wolves howl in the month of January and that’s the reason, the full moon in January is also called the ‘wolf moon’. Both wolf and moon together represent mystery, night, darkness, and connection with primal instincts.

22. Gray Wolf Tattoo

Gray Wolf Tattoo designs

Gray wolf represents wildness, if you want to display the wilder side of your personality, then a gray wolf tattoo is perfect for you. It really makes for an amazing wolf tattoo design.

23. Japanese Wolf Tattoo

Japanese Wolf Tattoo Designs 2021

Japanese consider wolves protective, it is believed that they watch over travelers. Native Japanese wolves were believed to be messengers of the kami spirits, and that’s the reason they are also depicted with bells. Japanese wolf tattoo makes for an artistic and very creative tattoo design.

24. Native American Wolf Tattoo

Native American Wolf Tattoo

Native American wolf tattoos represent loyalty, courage and strength. It is a great tattoo design for the Native American, as they can honor the heritage with a wolf tattoo. If you want you can combine it with other tribal symbols, like moon, sun, feathers, etc.

25. Wolf With Girl Tattoo

Best Wolf With Girl Tattoo Designs

This is again very creative and intricate tattoo design. This is one of the best wolf tattoo designs to represent female empowerment. This design is done as a portrait of a woman wearing a wolf’s head as a headdress. It represents strength and pride!!

26. Wolf With Feathers Tattoo

Wolf With Feathers Tattoo designs 2021

Feather and Wolf together represent Native American culture, it represents the beauty and harshness of nature. Besides, they also represent devotion to a companion. If you are looking for a wolf tattoo that stands out, then go for this one!

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27. Wolf Pack Tattoo

Wolf Pack Tattoo Designs on Back

Wolves always live in close family packs, and that’s why they are said to represent loyalty, and connection with family. If you want to flaunt your love and protectiveness towards your family, then this is a perfect tattoo design.

28. Wolf Hand Tattoos

Wolf Hand Tattoo

If your job permits, then a wolf hand tattoo is a great choice to flaunt the untamed side of your personality. Wolf hand tattoos are easy to flaunt as most of the time they are kept uncovered..

29. Wolf DreamCatcher Tattoo

Wolf DreamCatcher Tattoo designs

The best thing about wolf tattoos is that you can go very creative, and this is the perfect example of creativity! Wolf dreamcatcher tattoos look amazing. You can either get your wolf etched inside the dream catcher, or on the top of it. This design symbolizes protection from harm.

30. Growling Wolf Tattoo

Growling Wolf Tattoo 1

Not only do growling wolf tattoos look cool, but also they are meaningful. Growling wolf tattoos represent standing for family and providing protection to the loved ones. Get only the face of a growling wolf etched on your arm, and you are going to make for head-turning tattoo design.

31. Wolf Back Tattoo

Wolf Back Tattoo

Your back is an ideal location for a wolf tattoo. Back provides plenty of flat and wide surface for a larger tattoo design. And wolf tattoos look amazing in larger sizes. You can get anything from a large size tribal wolf tattoo to a mandala wolf on your back.

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32. Mandala Wolf Tattoo

Mandala Wolf Tattoo designs

Wolf mandalas make for intricate tattoo designs. They symbolize forward movement, resourcefulness, continued efforts to evolve, ability to evaluate and adapt to any new situation, and the prudent use of resources. If you possess all these, then get a mandala wolf etched on your back.

33. Wolf Face Tattoos

Small Wolf Face Tattoo Designs

Wolf face tattoos are one of the most popular wolf tattoo designs amongst men. Wolf face tattoos can be done in any size from small to large. The best thing is you can get them etched on your fingers, arms, neck, nape, thigh, back, etc.

34. Wolf With Passive Expression Tattoo

Wolf With Passive Expression Tattoos

Not necessarily you have to get a wolf etched with aggressive expressions, you can even get a wolf with passive expressions etched on your body. Wolf with a passive expression represents mystery, and spirituality. They make for a wonderful tattoo design.

35. Wolf With Skull Tattoo

Wolf With Skull Tattoo Designs

A wolf with skull tattoo represents understanding of death and afterlife. This is a unique wolf tattoo design, which you can get either on your arms or on your chest.

36. Wolf with Skull in Mouth Tattoos

Wolf with Skull in Mouth Tattoo

A wolf with a skull in its mouth simply represents the rational ‘human’ being overtaken by the wild and untamed ‘wolf’ side of his personality. Also, it symbolizes overcoming weakness and finding strength, especially to overcome losses!

37. Wolf Eyes Tattoo

Wolf Eyes Tattoos Ideas

If you are looking for an artistic wolf tattoo design, then get the eyes of the wolf etched. You can convey any emotion from wilderness to mystery, power to determination via your wolf eyes tattoo. It is a great design specifically for those looking for a colorful tattoo, as you can add any color of your choice to highlight the wolf’s eyes.

38. Wolf Forearm Tattoo

Wolf Forearm Tattoo Designs

Just like your shoulder forearm is an ideal placement for a wolf tattoo. You can get either the face of a wolf or just the eyes of a wolf etched on your forearm. Forearms are ideal for a narrow placement. Easy to show off and easy to hide placement.

39. Wolf Chest Tattoo

Wolf Chest Tattoo ideas for men

For the ones who have a well-toned chest. A wolf chest tattoo will simply add to your personality, especially if you want to display few character traits as well. You can have the full wolf or just the wolf in a larger size etched on your chest.

40. Wolf Wrist Tattoos

Best Wolf Wrist Tattoo Designs

Wolf wrist tattoos are cute and elegant. This design is for those who are looking for a simple wolf tattoo design. You can either get a small sized howling tribal tattoo etched on your wrist. It will look stunning!

41. Wolf Ankle Tattoo

Wolf Ankle Tattoo

This one can be done by women as well. This makes for a subtle tattoo design. You can just get the outline of the wolf tattoo etched on your ankle.

42. Wolf Calf Tattoo

Best Wolf Calf Tattoos (1) (1)

Your calf also makes for an ideal placement for your wolf tattoo. The best thing is that it will be less painful tattoo compared to other parts of the body. Just like a forearm, it is ideal for narrow placement.

43. Wolf With Wings Tattoo

Best Wolf With Wings Tattoo Ideas

Take your creativity to another level by having a wolf with wings tattoo etched on your body. You can have it etched on your chest or back.

44. 3D Wolf Tattoo

3D Wolf Tattoo ideas for men and women

Give your tattoo a realistic look with a 3D Wolf Tattoo Design. The tattoo artist will bring the wolf to life. 3D wolf tattoos look amazing.

45. Simple Wolf Tattoo Design

Simple Wolf Tattoo Design


Get any of these 45 wolf tattoo designs etched on your body. All of these designs look perfect in their own ways. All you have to make sure is – find the best tattoo artist for your wolf tattoo designs. Only an experienced tattoo artist would be able to create the design of your choice. Experienced tattoo artists know their abilities well and they use them correctly to give you the best tattoo design. Most wolf tattoos are larger in size so they take more time compared to the small and simple tattoo designs.

Happy Tattooing….. ☺ ☺

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