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35+ Minimalists Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas

Bird Behind the Ear Tattoo

35+ Minimalists Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas

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Behind-the-ear tattoos are sublime! These unobtrusive tattoo designs have become very popular in the past few years. Behind-the-ear is a perfect placement for dainty and feminine tattoo designs. Besides, it’s a perfect spot for a cute tiny tattoo that you’ve been looking for.

If you’re wondering where you should place your small Tattoo, then behind-the-year is the right place for it. We have rounded up a list of the 35 best behind-the-ear tattoo designs for you to get inspired by. Take a look at the list……

1. Butterfly Tattoo

butterfly Ear Tattoo on behind the ear

Butterflies really make cute, gorgeous, and versatile tattoo designs! These tattoos have become very popular in recent years, particularly for women. Not only do butterfly tattoos look beautiful, but also they have a deep meaning. Butterflies symbolize freedom, transformation, growth, and change. Butterfly tattoos can be placed anywhere, including behind your ear. For ladies who love pretty and feminine tats, a small butterfly placed behind the ear is the perfect option. You can have a butterfly tattoo in white ink, or black ink, or even a colorful butterfly will also look enchanting.

2. Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Behind the ear Zodiac Sign tattoo

Every zodiac is represented by a symbol; some symbols look really cute. People who love their zodiac signs get them inked on their bodies. And behind-the-ear is a perfect placement for a Zodiac sign tattoo. If you are confused about which design to get behind your ear, then your zodiac sign is a great option. Zodiac sign tattoos look mesmerizing!

3. Date Tattoo

Date Tattoo ideas on behind the ear

Many people get specific or important dates inked on their bodies. If you also have some specific date in your life worth flaunting, you can get it inked behind your ear. Specific dates could be any from the day she said YES to your proposal, to when you two met for the first time or any other date that is significant in your life. You can get that date etched behind your ear.

4. Dragon Tattoo

Cute Behind the ear Dragon tattoo

Dragons are one of the most dainty tattoo choices when it comes to behind-the-ear tattoos. They can look either feminine or masculine, depending on the tattoo design and the artist’s style. Dragons represent power, wisdom, and protection. If you possess any of these qualities, then definitely a dragon is a perfect choice to go with.

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5. Name Tattoo

Small Name Tattoo Designs on behind the ear

The name of the person you love the most is yet another behind-the-ear tattoo option. Those who want to flaunt their love for their partner get their partner’s names inked on their bodies. Name tattoos look incredible. The coolest thing about name tattoos is that – you can get these tattoos inked in any language and font.

6. Moon Tattoo

Tiny Moon Tattoo image

Moon is one of the most beautiful and meaningful tattoo options, particularly for women. In many cultures, the moon is associated with feminine energy. Also, it signifies times of transition and change. That’s the reason moon tattoos are very popular with women. A tiny moon tattoo will look gorgeous behind your ear.

Remember that different moon signifies different meanings. For instance, a full moon represents transformation, a half-moon represents perfect balance, at the same time, a crescent moon tattoo will represent the ebb and flow of energy. So choose the design that relates well to your personality traits.

7. Peace Symbol Tattoo

Small Peace Symbol tattoo ideas behind the aear

Peace symbol tattoos are very popular tattoo designs. They make for amazing body artwork. This symbol can be etched anywhere, from your neck to ankle; however, behind-the-ear is a great placement. The Tattoo looks fantastic in black! But if you want, you can add extra elements to it to make it look more creative and unique.

8. Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo on girl

A tree tattoo is an excellent choice for behind your ear placement. Trees are usually associated with long life, protection, knowledge, and growth. In many cultures, many trees are worshipped. Additionally, some trees are even known for their medicinal qualities. Trees simply represent nature; if you’re fond of nature or want to pay homage to your’ family tree,’ then a tree tattoo is for you.

9. Cross Tattoos behind ear

Tiny Behind the ear Cross tattoo ideas

An excellent way to show your commitment to your faith is a cross tattoo. A tiny cross tattoo is for those typical tattoo lovers who feel that having a cross inked on the skin can provide them excellent protection. Or for those who love to show their devotion and dedication to Christ. While some get it done because they think it looks elegant, different people have different theories, however. Cross tattoos look great in any placement; however, they are incredibly suited to small areas like behind your ear.

10. Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo

Star tattoos look fantastic. Often girls prefer to have a tiny star tattooed on their body. It is because they do not want to overdo their tattoos. Stars symbolize hope and guidance because they create light during the darkness of night. As a tattoo, a star is a common design, yet it holds an extra charm of its own. A star tattoo is a great option for those who have made it through dark times in life. Also, they are a beautiful tribute tattoo to a loved one who is your ‘guiding star.’ There are sundry options for a star tattoo design, and all of them look great when placed behind the ear.

You can get anything, from a tiny star to constellations, dot-and-line stars to a traditional five-pointed star inked behind your ear. It will look gorgeous, trust me!

11. Music Symbol Tattoo

Music Symbol Tattoo on behind the women ear tattoo

A music symbol tattoo is a perfect design for music lovers. Mostly rock stars flaunt their bodies with huge artwork, but this design is for the people sensitive about music. It is for the ones who know how to express their love for music without showing it off on a large scale to the world. A small symbol of a music note etched behind your ear will look stylish—a more abstract way to show your love for music.

12. Clover Tattoo

Small Clover Ear Tattoo girl

Clover tattoos are another perfect behind-the-ear tattoo design. Clover is an herbaceous plant with dense globular flower heads and leaves that are typically three-lobed — an incredible delineation of your creativity.

13. Orion’s belt

Orion's belt Ear Tattoo

If you want to get more than one star, then you can opt for Orion’s belt. Ancient Indians saw the figure as a king who an arrow had shot. In contrast, ancient Egyptians associate the stars in the belt with God Osiris’s soul’s resting place. This three-star figure looks mesmerizing as a tattoo. Though these stars look really cool when done in black, white will also justify the design. You can even fill your three-star Tattoo with colors.

14. Mother-Daughter Symbol Tattoo

Mother-Daughter Symbol behind the Ear Tattoo

A tiny mother-daughter symbol inked behind your ear will look mesmerizing. The symbol looks really beautiful; it simply signifies your love for your darling angel. This design very well represents motherhood. Single moms particularly opt for this design to just flaunt their love for their only family member. Likewise, the reason could be any, but a mother-daughter symbol tattoo design looks perfect. If you also want to show your love for your kid, you can choose this one. To keep it simple yet poignant, opt for a black ink outlined mother-daughter symbol.

15. Heart Tattoo

Behind ear Heart tattoos designs

The heart is one of the most notable and universal symbols that make for a popular tattoo design. There is something special about them; heart tattoos never go out of fashion. Placed behind your ear, it will make a perfect tiny tattoo design. A heart tattoo can serve as a tribute to a loved one, symbolizing your deep love for the—best for those who want a tattoo but not anything in large. You can get a heart tattoo in black, or white ink etched behind your ear.

16. Direction Tattoo

Tiny Direction Tattoos on women's behind the ear

Direction is a nice symbol to have as a tattoo. It is an outside-the-box tattoo design, particularly when it comes to a small tattoo design—a great way to flaunt your’ out of the way’ attitude to the world. You can get all four directions defined by arrows inked behind your ear. The design looks mesmerizing!

17. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Best Dream Catcher Behind Ear Tattoos

In some Native American cultures, people place dream catchers above their bed, as it is believed that they catch bad dreams. They comprise a willow hoop that contains netting or a web with beads or feathers hanging from it. They symbolize safety and are believed to provide protection from bad dreams, negative spirits, and bad omens. Most tattoo wearers choose this design as they feel dream catchers will protect them from anything bad. Whether you want to get it etched for the symbolic meaning behind it or its looks, a dream catcher is the perfect behind-the-ear tattoo design that stands out!

18. Angel Tattoo

Cute and tiny Angel Tattoo

An angel behind your ear will look beautiful and stunning. Angels are girls’ most favorite tattoo designs. If you think you love angels and want one for yourself too, then get an Angel tattoo behind your ear. In Christianity, Angels are often associated with faith and Biblical figures like the Archangel Michael. Besides, angels also represent ‘guardian angel,’ a spirit that is said to be watching over and protecting a person or place. It’s a unique and impactful tattoo design for a woman of any age.

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19. Scissor Tattoo

.Scissor Ear Tattoo

Unusual and a meaningful tattoo design for the ones looking for outside-the-box tattoo design. Small-sized scissors will make for a perfect tattoo design behind your ear. Scissors symbolize cutting negative influences out of your life, and at the same time, they represent an improvement. Scissor tattoos are an excellent choice to get etched behind your ear.

20. Geometric Element Tattoo

Geometric Element behind the Ear Tattoo

Undeniably, geometric elements make cool tattoo designs. No matter whether you like mathematics or not, you can always go for this unique tattoo design. A geometric element tattoo inked behind your ear will simply make for a tattoo that stands out.

21. “&” Tattoo

Ampersand behind the ear tattoo

“&,” otherwise known as Ampersand, makes for a unique tattoo design that you’ll like for sure. Get it in italics or bold; the choice is absolutely yours. It looks amazing behind-the-ear. It simply symbolizes how life is full of great expectations, and there is a lot to do to meet those expectations.

22. A Quote

quote tattoo on behind ear

Any quote which you think represents your true self, you can get it etched behind your ear. You can get the quote inked in italics or in the running font. It will look fantastic. The coolest thing about a quote is that – your quote can be in any language. But make sure you know the meaning of the quote when you get it in any other language.

23. Flower Tattoo

Behind the ear Flower Tattoo designs

Not only do flowers come in different hues, but also they represent many different meanings. A flower can represent anything, from friendship to love, hope, joy, and courage, making flowers a great tattoo option. The best thing is you can get a flower in any size. They are an excellent option for behind your ear placement as they look beautiful as a small Tattoo. You get a wide variety of flower tattoos to choose from, such as rose, sunflower, dandelion, lotus, and marigold. A perfect tattoo design for nature lovers!

24. Name Initials Tattoo

Name Initials Tattoo (1)

Initials of your name or anybody else’s name will make for a perfect tattoo design. Even Selena Gomez has ‘G’ of her name etched just near her ear. It looks awesome! You can also get your name initials inked in either lowercase or uppercase behind your ear.

25. Feather Tattoo

Feather Ear Tattoo

Meaningful and enigmatic, feather tattoos are one of the popular tattoo designs. Both men and women can get a feather etched behind the ear. They look great, whether done in black ink or color, simple or detailed, and large or small. Like birds, feathers also represent the freedom that is incomparable. They also symbolize connection with the natural world. It is a perfect tattoo design for people who love to travel and have a free spirit. Feathers make for a great small yet simple tattoo design. They look fantastic when placed behind your ear.

26. Anchor Tattoo

anchor tattoos (1) (1)

Simple and straightforward tattoo design. Anchors basically stand for strong roots. If you also have qualities like perseverance and stability, which an anchor usually represents, then consider an Anchor tattoo. Anchors have always been a popular choice for sailors. An anchor symbolizes a safe harbor and the end of a long journey—a perfect behind-the-ear tattoo design for people looking for a cute tattoo design.

27. Dove Tattoo

Dove behind the Ear Tattoo ideas

Dove is one of the most beautiful birds that represent peace, love, hope, and forgiveness. In Christianity, doves stand for faith in God as well as new beginnings. Whether you want it for a spiritual reason or just for flaunting, Dove tattoos look the best small. Get a dove etched behind your ear.

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28. Roman Number Tattoo

Roman Number Ear Tattoo

An outside the box tattoo design that you can get inked behind your ear. But there is a twist. Instead of getting the normal number etched, get the number inked in roman numerals. Roman numbers look really cool when tattooed behind the ear in small size. They make for cute little tattoo designs. Roman numbers stand for grace, elegance, and boldness. A roman number tattooed behind your ear will leave people amazed. You can choose to get your wedding date or any other special date inked in roman on your body.

29. Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Ear Tattoo

Arrows not only make for cute tattoo designs but also they make for bold tattoo designs. And yes, you don’t have to be an archer to get an Arrow tattoo. You can get it otherwise also. Arrow tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. They are perfect for both men and women. To make it look archaic, you can add a bit of carving and other details to it, or a tiny bow will also. You can even leave it simple and plain.

30. Pizza Tattoo

Pizza Ear Tattoo

Food tattoos look awesome. It may sound bizarre, but even pizza makes for a perfect tattoo design; if you’re fond of pizza and love it like anything, then consider getting a small pizza tattoo behind your ear. Get this Tattoo in black ink or color; it will look perfect.

31. Shell Tattoo

Shell Tattoo

If you’re looking for some unique and extraordinary tattoo design, then consider getting a shell tattoo behind your ear. A small shell tattoo etched behind the ear will look cool!

32. Dots Tattoo

Behind the ear dots tattoo ideas for men

Another out-of-the-box small tattoo design is a dots tattoo. Get three dots etched behind your ear; it will look mesmerizing and will make for an eye-catching tattoo. Dots already look good, and three dots will make for a fantastic behind-the-ear tattoo design.

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33. Heartbeat Tattoo

Heartbeat Behind the Ear Tattoo

A small heartbeat symbol tattoo, when done behind your ear, will look really cool. They make for simple and beautiful tattoo designs. A heartbeat symbol represents life and how beautiful it is to have it. A heartbeat tattoo is perfect for the ones who really admire this life and value each second of it. This is amongst one of the out-of-the-box tattoo designs. You can get this in black ink.

34. Diamond Tattoo

Behind the ear Diamond Tattoo ideas

Diamond tattoos look perfect in small sizes. For an eye-catching placement, get it done behind your ear; it is the perfect place for your diamond symbol. You can choose to get a single diamond tattoo or get two diamond symbols etched together.

35. Leaf Tattoo

Leaf Ear Tattoo

If you are looking for a sexy tattoo design, then a leaf tattoo is for you. A small leaf with shades of green will make for a perfect behind-the-ear tattoo design—a perfect tattoo design for nature lovers to show off their love for nature.


So, these are the best 35 behind the ear tattoo design. They are the perfect alternatives for the ones who love simple tattoo designs. Tattoos that you get behind the ear are always small in size. There are many advantages to getting small tattoos; however, the biggest advantage is, they are cost-effective!! Behind the ear is the perfect placement for people who want to keep their Tattoo hidden. Behind the ear, tattoos are easier to hide. In addition to this, they come with less pain, are effortless, and yes, removing them is relatively easy.

Later if you want, you can even get your behind-the-ear Tattoo seamlessly converted into a whole new image or design. All the 35 behind-the-ear tattoo designs are best suitable for people who are scared to get permanent ink but still want to try their hands.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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