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75 Tattoo Trend Ideas & Designs in 2024

Tattoo Trend Designs Ideas in 2020

75 Tattoo Trend Ideas & Designs in 2024

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2024 shaped up to be a real dumpster fire of a year, so we decided to look to the future to discover what’s on the tattoo horizon. So, what will be the hottest tattoos of 2024?

Here are the Newest Tattoo Ideas in 2024. Take a look!!

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Tattoos are one of the best ways to express your true self!! And there are umpteen designs and patterns which one can choose from, to get it etched on his/her body. In fact, people today want to have something unique and different, rather than having regular tattoo designs, and that’s the reason tattoo artists come up with something new each year. Let’s know what is trending this year, this post is specifically meant for those who are looking for tattoo ideas 2024.

Here are the 75 best tattoo photos, designs & ideas in 2024:

Let’s have a look……

1. Getting it colored

Colored Tattoos on leg

A lot of people are going for colored tattoo this season. Colored tattoos have gained immense popularity and they look good as well.

2. Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoo ideas 2020

Armband tattoos look elegant and graceful complementing your well-toned arms. Armband tattoos are meant for all, from a regular gym-goers to a college girl. Armband tattoos come in numerous designs, which include floral patterns, wrath, Polynesian, barbed fence, name armbands, and tribal patterns. These tattoos can be associated to people you love, or to the memory of someone who is no more etc.

3. Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo on thigh

One can get skull tattoos anytime, and they really look cool. Skull tattoos look manly and make for really wonderful tattoo designs.

4. Quote or Phrase Tattoo

Quote or Phrase Tattoo Idea

Phrase tattoos never go out of fashion, be it year 2024


or before that. Quote tattoos look really wonderful no matter where you get them etched on your body. You can get your favorite quote etched on your body, especially the one that best suits your personality.

5. Floral Tattoo

Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoo designs are a wonderful way to showcase your love for nature. You can get any flowers from a simple rose to beautiful dahlia etched on your body. Believe you me, it will look just amazing!

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6. Butterfly Tattoo

butterfly girl shoulder tattoo

A small cute butterfly sitting on your shoulder will make for an amazing tattoo design this 2024. If you are planning to go for a simple tattoo design, then this is the one to go for!

7. Simple Tattoo

Simple tattoo ideas in 2020

Not necessarily you have to go for a big tattoo. Believe you me, bigger is not always better. Sometimes going simple can do the job wonderfully. Get a plain quote etched on your arm or anywhere. Even ‘I AM’ can make for e real simple yet beautiful tattoo design.

8. Passport Tattoo

Getting passport etched on your body will simply be enough to showcase your love for travel. And yes, it will make for a unique tattoo design as well.

9. Stamp Tattoo

Stamp tattoo for traveler

If you really want to tell people how many countries have you traveled so far, then this is a unique way to do it. Get the stamps of different countries that you have traveled so far etched on your body.

10. Strawberry Tattoo

Tiny Strawberry Tattoo on wrist

For the girls who want to get something cute etched on their body, then a colorful tiny strawberry can make for an eye-catching tattoo. Get it etched on your thumb or wrist.

11. Angel Tattoo

Angel Tattoo ideas in 2020 on arm

Do you love angels, then get it etched on your arm. The best part about angel tattoo is – both men and women can get it etched.

12. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream Catcher Tatto

Believe it or not, dream catchers make for really great tattoo designs. If you are looking for some unique and impressive tattoo design, then this is the one you can opt for.

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13. World Map Tattoo

World Map Tattoo on wrist

For those who dream to see the world. A world map outline can be done anywhere, but wrist will make for the perfect location for the world map tattoo.

14. Compass with Airplane Tattoo

Compass with Airplane Black Tattoo ideas in 2020

Another beautiful travel tattoo design is black compass with an airplane with it. You can get it either on your forearm or your neck as well.

15. Symbol Tattoo

Symbole tattoo on neck

Symbol tattoos are amongst those designs which never go outdated, you can get any of your favorite symbol etched on your body. If the symbol is not too big, then your nape of neck is the best place for it.

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16. Name Tattoo

Name tattoo art on shoulder

Name tattoos are a wonderful way to flaunt your love for the specific person. If you really love someone and want to show your love to the person, then go for a name tattoo.

17. Initial Tattoo

Initial tattoo designs on wrist

Name initials are another wonderful way to show your love for someone. You can have them either alone or with some additional artwork.

18. Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are a great way to show your love or feelings for a specific person, like a person from history, or some celebrity who you like a lot.

19. Compass Tattoo

Compass And Arrow Tattoo

Believe it or not, simple compass also make for a great tattoo designs. If you want to have some simple tattoos, compass is for you.

20. Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoo designs in 2020

Arrows look beautiful when etched on the appropriate place. Yes, get an arrow etched on your neck and see how others will go crazy to see that.

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21. Airplane Tattoo

Small Airplane Tattoo ideas in 2020

Airplane tattoos in simple black ink make for a stunning tattoo design. If you don’t believe then you should seriously think of it. And the best place to get this is your thumb.

22. Bumblebee Tattoo

Bumblebee Tattoo

Nothing can be as beautiful as a bumblebees, and they actually make for perfect tiny tattoos. Get it etched on your arm or wrist. You will love it!

23. Globe Tattoo

Globe Tattoo ideas on wrist 2020

Have you ever thought of getting a globe inked on your body? If not, then think, you will seriously love the tattoo design 2024. Also, you can get a globe in any size small or big.

24. Monument Tattoo

Monument Statue of Liberty Tattoo

If you seriously love some monument in your city or world-wide, you should think of getting that inked on your body.

25. Eiffel Tower Tattoo

Eiffel Tower Tattoo on back

Stunning tattoo design for women looking for something unique. This one will look amazing if you wear off shoulder dress. A beautiful way to express your love for this beautiful wrought-iron lattice tower.

26. Landscape Tattoo

Landscape Tattoo art on shoulder

A beautiful landscape done on your shoulder will make for a perfect 2024 tattoo design. If you really love landscapes and spending time amidst nature, then this tattoo is for you for sure.

27. Camera Tattoo

Camera Tattoo ideas on back in 2020

A cute little camera on your wrist will make for a perfect tattoo design in 2024. This is specifically meant for those who love to capture their moments.

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28. Skyline Tattoo

Skyline Tattoo Designs

If you admire those skylines and want to flaunt your love for them then get those skylines etched on your neck or forearm or wherever you want.

29. Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoos design on arm

Simple yet beautiful tattoo design for the ones who are looking for some simple tattoo designs in 2024.

30. Realistic Moon Tattoo

Realistic Moon Tatto ink on back

Not just they look beautiful in the sky, they also look good when inked on your back. Yes, realistic moon tattoos make for beautiful tattoo designs.

31. Crescending Moon Tattoo

Crescending Moon Tattoo Ideas on nape

Get a Crescending moon tattoo etched near your ear and see how the world around you would react to it. It will be mesmerizing.

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32. Animal Tattoo

Animal Tattoo ideas in 2020

Animal tattoos are for those who want to show their love for cute little animals they either own or have lost in their lives.

33. Paws Tattoo

Paws Tattoo

Have you ever imagined a paw inked on your wrist, if not then it is time to think about it? Paws really make for great and simple tattoo designs.

34. Ring Tattoo

Ring Tattoo ideas for men and women

Now you don’t need to go for that expensive diamond for your engagement which you can even lose, go for a permanent ring tattoo. It looks beautiful!

35. Band Tattoo

Best Band Tattoo ideas on 2020

Another beautiful tattoo design that one can choose is –band tattoo. Band tattoos not only look simple, but also very beautiful.

36. Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoo on nape

Weather you believe or not, feather tattoos look amazing done anywhere. Get it in white ink on your neck area, you will love it.

37. Music Notes Tattoo

Music Notes Tattoo in2020

For all the music lovers, get your favorite music note etched on your neck region or on your wrist. You will love it!

38. Pinwheel Tattoo

Pinwheel Tattoo on leg

Another wonderful tattoo design for 2024 is pinwheel. Believe it or not, these cute little toy like element look really cook when inked on arm. Try it!

39. Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo Idaes for girls

Whether you are looking for a big tattoo design or a small on, star will be a great way to have it on your body. You can have a single star in small size of a group of stars making it a big tattoo.

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40. Constellation Tattoo

Constellation tattoos girl

Trust that constellation tattoos make for very, really very beautiful tattoo designs. If you love gazing stars have them etched on your arm.

41. Anklet Tattoo Ideas in 2024

Anklet Tattoo ideas for girls

Girls who are looking for simple tattoo designs, especially the ones which are not visible easily, then an anklet tattoo is a great way.

42. Lips Tattoo

Hot Lips Tattoo Ideas

Lips tattoos are in trend these days, yes! And if you want something unique then go for this one.

43. Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo ideas in 2020

We all know that heart tattoos look great, you can get a heart etched alone or with other elements. It will look cool anyways.

44. Tree Tattoos

Back Tree Tattoo Designs

Yes, trees also make for wonderful tattoo designs. And the best part is you can have them inked in any size.

45. Lizard Tattoo

Lizard Tattoo on belly

Yeah, I know people don’t love lizards, but trust they make for a good tattoo designs, and look good when etched on calf area.

46. Reptile Tattoo

Reptile Tattoo

If looking for really unique tattoo design, then a reptile tattoo is there for the year 2024.

47. Funky Tattoo

Funky tattoos are always in trend, be it any year or era. They look good no matter what. You can choose any design that attracts you the most and get it inked.

48. Batman Tattoo

Batman Tattoo image

No matter which year we are in, batman tattoos never go out of fashion. Yes, you can have its logo etched on your body or your favorite character from the movie, it will make for an eye-catching tattoo.

49. Face Tattoo

Face Tattoo trend Ideas in 2020

Yeah, like neck and arm tattoos, face tattoos are becoming popular these days. If you are ready to bare the pain that comes with face tattoos, then this is for you.

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50. Pizza Tattoo

Pizza Tattoo Ideas

Yes, for all the pizza lovers it’s a great opportunity to get it etched on your arm. Everybody around will make out how much you love pizza.

51. Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos often feature sparse color palettes, tiny designs, crisp lines and angular shapes. Perfect for those who are new to tattooing! Trending tattoo designs in 2024.

52. Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoo ideas in 2020

This will actually make for a unique and very beautiful tattoo design. You can get it either in color or in black ink. And your arms are perfect for this design.Trending tattoo ideas in 2024

53. Geometric Lion Tattoo

Geometric Lion Tattoo ideas 2020

Like geometric wolf tattoo, geometric lion tattoo also makes for amazing tattoo design.

55. Leaf Tattoo

Leaf tattoos designs on wrist

You can’t even imagine, how beautiful a leaf can look when etched on body. Trust me, if you are really looking for simple and beautiful tattoo design in 2024, then go for leaves tattoo designs.

56. Scissor Tattoo

Scissor Tattoo art

Scissors also make for wonderful tattoo designs. Yeah, you may not believe it but they do!

57. Boat Tattoo

Boat tattoo images on chest

A boat with a mast etched on your arm will look like a painting on your arm. And this is the design that gained immense popularity.

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58. Key Tattoo

Key tattoo girl image

A stylish key etched on your forearm will look good. You don’t not to go for a simple key, you can have a key with beautiful designing.

59. Henna-inspired Tattoo

Henna-inspired Tattoo

And intricate design that looks beautiful. This tattoo will have everything from beautiful leaves, flowers to other elements required for making a perfect henna-inspired tattoo on your hand.

60. Key with Quote Tattoo

Key with Quote Tattoo

You can have a plain quote look beautiful with a key attached at the end of it. Yes, it makes for an eye-catching tattoo design and ideas.

61. Flute Tattoo

Flute Tattoo on Hand

Believe it or not, flute tattoos make for great tattoo designs. Flutes are very much associated to Lord Krishna from Hindu mythology.

62. God Tattoo

God Tattoo

If you are very religious or have strong faith in God, then God tattoos are another wonderful tattoo designs in 2024.

63. Flute with Feather Tattoo

Flute with Feather Tattoo_3

Flute and feather make for a wonderful combination. You can have a flute in black ink and a feather attached in colored ink to it.

64. Tropical Sunset Tattoo Ideas

Tropical Sunset Tattoo Ideas

A tropical tattoo is for all the beach lovers! With all the elements creating a tropical scene, like a palm tree, boat, water, and the sun is setting, it will make for an eye-catching tattoo design on your hand.

65. Roman Number Tattoo

Roman Number Tattoo ideas in 2020

Get your memorable date or any other number etched in romans on your arm or neck region, it will make for a perfect tattoo design. A design for minimalists.

66. Date Tattoo

Date Tattoo on hand

If you have any date that you cannot forget ever, such as your marriage date, first child birth date or any other, you can get that etched this year.

67. Lock & Key Tattoo


Do you know how beautiful they look when inked together on your arm? Yes, they look wonderful. Go for this tattoo design. Tattoo ideas 2024.

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68. Bird Tattoo

Small Bird Tattoo ideas in 2020

Get your favorite bird etched on your back. It will look mesmerizing. You can get an eagle etched on your arm or if you want, you go for a Ravan too. Any bird will look beautiful and in any size as well.

69. Watch Tattoo

Watch tattoo

With a watch tattoo etched on your hand you won’t require a real one for sure! Well, watches are now less in use these days because the job is done by mobile! So, you can get a watch etched on your wrist or for style, you can even get an alarm clock etched. Stylish and different!

70. Heartbeat Tattoo

Heartbeat Tattoo Designs art

Heart beat tattoo looks mesmerizing! You can have this one in the form of a bangle and the heart between the beats, it will look amazing.

71. New Tattoo 2024 for Girl- Egyptian Architecture Tattoo Egyptian Architecture Tattoo ink on leg

Egyptian art and architecture has always been famous for its excellent buildings and monuments. You can choose any design for your architectural style tattoo.

72. Intricate Mandala Tattoo

Intricate Mandala Tattoo designs on leg

Mandala tattoos really look cool, mandala designs are intricate and beautiful! You can Hence a mandala design done inside the heart also looks as beautiful as any shape mandala design. You can have this in black and white ink tattoo ideas in 2024.

73. Fish Tattoo

Color Fish Tattoo ideas in 2020

You will be amazed to know that fish also make for a perfect tattoo design. If you are really looking for a cute tattoo design then go for a fish.

74. Direction Tattoos

Direction Tattoo Girl

Again a great design for minimalists. Yeah, if you will notice minimalists are growing world-wide and so are minimalist tattoo designs in 2024.

75. Wishbone Tattoo

Wishbone Tattoo on

Wishbone makes for unique and unusual tattoo designs. It basically refers to the bone named as furcula found in between of the breast and neck of a bird. It is usually a small tattoo, so you can get it either on your fingers, wrists, shoulders and wherever you prefer.

To conclude…..

Hope you like this list of trending tattoo ideas 2024. Get any of these etched it will look beautiful. All you have to see is a tattooist who is experienced and possess great tattooing skills.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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