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80 Travel Tattoo Designs and Stamp Tattoo

80 Travel Tattoo Designs and Stamp Tattoo

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Here I bring Travel tattoo designs for all the passionate travelers and the ones who dream to see the world. Believe you me, nothing could be better than traveling around this wonderful world. There are many travel quotes but my personal favorite is “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” Yeah, by all means this is true, you acquire so many wonderful memories, great experiences, and create beautiful moments while you travel, and that’s how you become richer.

Today, we are in the era of technology where nothing is impossible, there are so many travel means and ways one can travel across the world. Now it’s not difficult to travel from one place to another, and that’s the reason travel and tourism increased substantially. Not just that, in fact, people’s love for travel and to explore new places has also increased exponentially.

Though, there are many ways to express your fondness and love for travel but more often than not people choose to get inked with travel tattoo designs. Mostly travel tattoos consist of compass, airplanes, postcards, landscapes, passport stamps, camera, monuments, towers, and much more. Each travel tattoo displays something unique and extraordinary about one’s own travel experiences. And also travel tattoos help display one’s love for travel and explore the new world.

Here in this post, I am sharing with you 80 top travel tattoo designs… Have a look and see which one best suits you in the process…… ☺ ☺


1. World Map Outline on Wrist

World Map Tattoo Designs on Wrist

For those who dream to see the world. World map outline can be done anywhere, but wrist will make for the perfect location to get this.

2. Beautiful Mandala Compass Tattoo on Forearm

Travel Tattoo Designs

Mandala already make for a wonderful tattoo designs, and when done in compass it add to the tattoo. This one makes for a great travel tattoo.

3.  Get a Travel Tattoo Etched on your Forearm

Travel Quote tattoo designs

“Not all those who wander are lost”, a beautiful quote for the ones who are always on a quest to explore something new in this beautiful world.

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4. A Small Black Airplane on your Index Finger

It’s going to be a bit painful, because our fingers have thin skin, but trust me the design is absolutely eye-catching. You will get 100% admiration for this small cute travel tattoo.

5. Black Compass with Airplane on Forearm

Another beautiful travel tattoo design is black compass with an airplane with it on your forearm. Try it out, you will love it.

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6. Explore Dream Discover – Compass Travel Tattoo on Forearm

If you are looking for something unique then this is perfect. Get a compass along with ‘Explore’, ‘Dream’, and ‘Discover’ etched on all sides. This tattoo is a great way to express your love and passion for travel.

7. An Outline Airplane on Forearm

If you are looking for some small and cute travel tattoo design, then this one’s for you. Simply an outline airplane on your forearm will look mesmerizing. Trust me!!

8. “Fernweh” on your Inner Bicep

airplane Tattoo on arm

“Fernweh” is a German word for wanderlust, which means ‘The desire to travel, a feeling of ‘far sickness,’ the longing and aching for distant places.’ If you also feel the same way, then this tattoo is for you.

9. “Wanderlust” on your forearm

Wanderlust Travel Tattoo

If not in another language then go for an English quote on your forearm. Believe you me this will make for an amazing travel tattoo.

10. Abstract Travel Compass Tattoo for Men

Black ink compass tato

A wonderful tattoo for men, the abstract travel compass tattoo looks really great on men, especially when done on arms. And it looks great on someone with nice biceps.

11. Triangle Tattoos with Sea Waves and Mountains

Triangle Wave tattoo

For the ones who want to express their love for mountains and nature. If you really love the sea waves, mountains, and nature then this one’s for you.

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12. Black Outline World Map on Forearms

Outline World map tattoo

A world map done anywhere looks great. And the size can vary as per your desire. The black outline world map on the forearms looks perfect.

13. Beautiful Mountain on Forearm

Small Mountain tattoo designs on wrist

For all mountain lovers, this is an amazing mountain tattoo design. If you also think you Love Mountains then go for this one.

14. Globe Parachute with Luggage

A colorful parachute with luggage will also look wonderful on your back.

15. A Globe with Black Airplane

Another wonderful travel tattoo is – get a globe with black airplane. A black small cute airplane crossing over globe will represent your love for travel.

16. Heart with Airplane

Small Heart aroplane tattoo

Another great travel tattoo design to express your love for travel is this – Heart with airplane. This one makes for an elegant and unique tattoo design.

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17. Airplane Circling Around the World

A World map with a small black airplane circling makes for a perfect travel tattoo design. This one looks beautiful on your shoulder or bicep.

18. Get a Mini Bus Etched on your Forearm

Mini Bus tattoo image

How about having a way of transportation etched on your forearm. Yeah, a minibus on your forearm will look amazing.

19. Airplane with Heart Tattoo on Ankle

Small Heart and Airplane tattoos on ankle

A perfect travel tattoo that looks amazing on ankle. This one makes for a gorgeous tattoo design on ankles.

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20. Get an Eiffel Tower Etched on your Neck

Eiffel Tower tattoo on girl's back

A great tattoo design for women. This one will look amazing if you wear off the shoulder dress. A beautiful way to express your love for this beautiful wrought-iron lattice tower.

21. Stamp Tattoos

Stamp tattoo photo

Stamp tattoos also make for a wonderful travel tattoo design for the ones who love to flaunt their love for travel. You can get stamps from as many countries as you want etched on your forearm. Or you can get those ones which you have already covered so far, or the ones you love the most.

22. Eiffel Tower

A colorful Eiffel tower on your nape or on your shoulder will look stunning and will make for an eye-catching tattoo design. Try out!

23. Mountains & Beach in Yin Yang Travel Tattoo

Another stunning travel tattoo for both men and women is having mountains and beaches in Yin Yang travel tattoo.

24. Palm Tree Travel Tattoo on Neck

Tiny Palm Tattoo Behind Ear

Believe it or not, palm trees also make for a great travel tattoo. And it looks amazing when done on the nape.

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25. World Map with Compass and Airplane

Compass with airplane ink

Have all the travel components together in one tattoo. A world map with compass and airplane done on your bicep will look perfect travel tattoo.

26. Colorful World Map

Colorfull world map tatto

Now get a bit creative and have a colorful world map etched on your forearm. This tattoo looks not only creative, but also it looks stunning.

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27. Creative luggage – Airplane Travel Tattoo

Travel luggage tattoo

Another wonderful travel tattoo is – get a bit creative and have a luggage along with airplane etched on your forearm.

28. Get Paris, Chile, Berlin, US, Stamp Tattoo

Stamp tattoos make for real wonderful tattoo designs, if you also want to have something unique and elegant then this is for you.

29. A Landscape

A beautiful landscape done on your shoulder will make for a perfect travel tattoo design. If you have immense love for landscapes and you love to spend time amidst nature, then this tattoo is for you.

30. Travel Portraits Tattoo Design

Travel portraits look stunning on Chest. This tattoo design is specifically for men, especially when they have strong build.

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31. A Camera on your wrist

Best camera Tattoo photo on Wrist

A cute little camera on your wrist will make for a perfect travel tattoo design. Cameras are the most important parts of travels. Cameras help capture wonderful memories. Also, cameras are perfect for the ones who love photography while traveling.

32. “To Travel Is To Live”

For those who actually live to travel, a beautiful quote to express ones extreme love for travel and adventure.

33. Camera with Globe

Globe image

A globe with a cute little camera will simply be enough to represent your immense love for travel and capturing great moments.

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34. Globe and Compass on your Forearm

Travel Forearm tattoos ideas

Globe and compass together will make for a stunning tattoo design. Trust me this one will be very creative and an absolute head turner.

35. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

A beautiful travel quote etched on your feet will look mesmerizing and the most eye-catching travel tattoo design.

36. GO on your forearm

Go Travel tattoo designs

Have GO etched on your forearm, and to make it look more creative replace O with a small cute globe. It will look not only beautiful, but also gorgeous!

37. Globe with Anchor Travel Tattoo

A globe with anchor may be a common travel tattoo design, but to date it makes for a perfect travel tattoo design. You will really love this design.

38. An Outline Airplane with Year on Forearm

Another outline airplane travel tattoo is along with the year, it will look stunning on your forearm. A great idea to make your first trip or adventure memorable by having this tattoo.

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39. Skyline Travel Tattoo

If you admire those skylines and want to flaunt your love for them then get those skylines etched on your neck or forearm. A perfect travel tattoo design for one and all.

40. An Outline Camera on Your Forearm

Outline tattooing on wrist

Traveler without a camera…. Possible?? Nope!! An outline camera for a true traveler…. Amazing travel tattoo design.

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41. Different Countries Airports Abbreviations on Your Arm

Another unique travel tattoo design is the having your favorite country(s) airport abbreviation etched on your arm.

42. Mountains with Word “Adventure”

adventure tattoo

This tattoo has an outline mountains etched with word “Adventure”, a great idea to display your own adventure experience on mountains. A great adventure tattoo ideas for mountaineers.

43. Sailing Ship with World Map & Compass Tattoo

Combine sailing ship along with world map and compass tattoo. All these travel elements combined together will make for a perfect travel tattoo design.

44. Compass – Airplane with Colorful Passport Stamps

An airplane coming out of the compass that has colorful passport stamps with it will look amazing travel tattoo design. This one will make for an eye-catching tattoo design.


45. Amazing ‘GO Travel’ Tattoo on Arm

For the ones who really love to travel and are always ready to go for travel. Just display your readiness for travel via this simple yet elegant tattoo design on your arms.

46. Passport Stamp Tattoo Design

For expressing your love for international travel, this one is a beautiful travel tattoo design for you. If you wish to or are already have traveled to many international locations, get this one!

47. Colorful World Map on your Wrist

Best Tiny World Tattoo Designs on wrist

Get a beautifully colored map on your wrist and let the world around you know your love for travel and adventure. A perfect way to flaunt your passion for travel!

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48. “Adventure is out there” on your Inner Bicep

Get this quote etched on your inner bicep and believe you me, this one will be an eye-catching tattoo design. Also, it will be visible only when you want to flaunt it.

49. “TRAVEL” with heartbeats

If you think your heart only goes for travel and nothing else, then this one is a cute, tiny travel tattoo design. Get this one behind your ear. An amazing tattoo with a great placement.

50. Compass with Passport Stamps

Get a compass with passport stamps on your arm, and trust me it is going to be an amazing travel tattoo design.

51. Compass with World Map

Compass Tattoo With World Map

A beautiful compass along with the world map will make for an amazing travel tattoo design for one and all. Seriously if you are quite confused about the design, go for this one.. It has everything the direction and the destination ☺ ☺

52. Tiny Wanderlust with Airplane on Wrist

Airplane on Wrist

If you are looking for a tiny travel tattoo design, then this one’s for you. Get a tiny wanderlust with an airplane with it, believe you me, it will look gorgeous!

53. “Enjoy the Journey”– on Arm

Another phrase for expressing fondness for travel is this….. For the ones who love to enjoy the journey and want to flaunt their love for this journey. Get this tattoo… It will look amazing!

54. Mountains in Black and Grey

Mountain Tattoos

Simple mountains in black and grey will make for a simple yet elegant tattoo design. It is for those who want to have something simple.

55. Anchor Palm Tree Tattoo on Ankles

Specifically for beach lovers, yeah a great tattoo design for the ones who love beaches and would want to spend their time on the beach side. Perfect for beach travelers.

56. Tiny Compass and Maps Travel on your Finger

A tiny compass along with a world map on your finger will be an amazing tattoo design. This one is for those who want to get something unique and miniature.

57. Tiny Airplane on your Finger

A tiny airplane etched on your finger will look great. Believe you me this miniature tattoo will make for a stunning tattoo design.

58. Airplane in Colorful Clouds

Airplane Tattoo Designs

Another beautiful travel tattoo is an airplane amidst colorful clouds. This tattoo will look mesmerizing and will be a head turner. And yeah, get airplane in black!

59. Hot Air Balloon Globe on your Shoulder

One more unique travel tattoo design! This design is apt for those who wish to travel all around the world in this lifetime.

60. Beautiful Mandala in World Map

Mandala World Map Tattoo

Get a beautiful mandala in world map. Yeah, mandala designs already make for perfect tattoos and if you club a mandala design with the travel tattoo, the combination will be unbelievably stunning.

61. Airplane in the Blue Sky

For your travel passion another travel tattoo is this – Get a blue sky etched and with that an airplane on your arm. This tattoo will look beautiful!

62. “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

Another great way to express your fondness for travel via quote is this – Get “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”on your inner forearm. This tattoo will look enchanting!

63. “If you can dream it, you can do it” on your Ankle

Ankle tattoos may be painful a bit, not much if you’re passionate about some tattoos. Get “If you can dream it, you can do it” phrase etched on your ankle. On your ankle it will make for a perfect placement.

64. Colorful Palm Tree on Your Wrist

Palm Tattoo

A small colorful palm tree on your wrist will appear as if a real miniature tree is standing on your wrist. Great tattoo design!

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65. “Explore” with an Arrow on your Wrist

Get this word “Explore” etched on your wrist along with an arrow. A great way to express your desire to explore the entire world.

66. “Free Spirit” with Heart Outline

Get a heart outline along with the phrase “Free Spirit” etched with it. Flaunt your true self via this beautiful travel tattoo. And yeah, this one is apt for the ones who are looking for a miniature tattoo design.

67. A Monument Outline

Another wonderful way to flaunt your love for travel is to get your favorite monument outline etched on your arm. And for a miniature travel tattoo, you can get that in small size near your thumb or nape.

68. Get your Favorite Country’s Map Etched on your Shoulder

If you think you have a special fondness for some country then a map outline of that country can also make for a great travel tattoo design.

69. Old Buildings with Stamp and Airplane

Get your favorite old building combined with stamp and airplane will be a great travel tattoo design. You will love the tattoo for sure! However, it is meant for men… So, get it done!

70. Date of your First Trip on your Thumb in Romans

Save your first trip memories via travel tattoo design. Yeah, get your first trip dates in romans etched on your thumb. A very unique and cute tattoo design for the ones who love simple tattoos.

71. Compass with Directions

A black outline compass with the shades of grey in it along with directions will make for a perfect travel tattoo.

72. Classic Globe on Arm

Globe Arm tattoo

A beautifully etched globe on your arm will make for a wonderful travel tattoo design. If you want, you can keep it black or if you want, you can have it colored. Up to you absolutely.

73. “Miles to go” on your Wrist

Another way to express your desire for travel is this phrase. Het “Miles to go” etched on your wrist. This tattoo will look amazing!

Wrapping up…..

So, get the one you like the most and flaunt your love for travel and adventure to the world!

Enjoy Tattooing……. ☺ ☺ & Enjoy Traveling…!!

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